Metal Prints- the new modern way to display photos in your home

Today I’m spotlighting another of our products  – and I think these are my absolute favourite way to display photos in your home. I have a bunch of them on my own walls, with the plan to add many more.

These are our metal prints – yep you heard me right, your images printed directly onto aluminium and hung on your wall for all to admire. These metal prints really pop off the wall with amazing colour and clarity. If you’re looking for a super modern and clean way to display your artwork from your session then consider one of these.

These are super light and easy to hang, and they also come with a 60year guarantee from our professional lab, so if by any chance your print gets damaged we will get it sorted for you. Not only are they available in your standard rectangle shape, but you can also get them in circles and hexagons making for something just that little bit different and unique.

So if you want something that will really become a true talking point amongst all your friends ask to see our sample today.

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