Our ‘Grow with me’ Club – let us capture your babies first year.

a series of 3 canvases hung above the babies cot, showcasing their growth throughout the first year. one is from the newborn session, while the other two are from the sitter and first birthday photo shoots

One year old is a milestone. You made it! Babies change so much during their first year and it passes in such a whirlwind. This is something we love to document for all of our clients, and it is why we started our ‘Grow with me’ Club. Seeing our youngest clients grow into cheeky little toddlers really is one of the best parts of my job, and to be able to capture that for their parents to look back on and treasure is something I feel really honoured to do.

Each of our newborn clients is invited to join our ‘grow with me’ club which includes a further two sessions in babies first year, so we are sure to capture all of the important milestones. These sessions are their sitter photoshoot and their first birthday cake smash. As a member of our club, you are also offered a complimentary family session that can be used anytime in the second year. The best part is joining the club only costs $100 and you get all three of the above sessions for that price.

The sitter session

A sitter session takes place when your baby is sitting up unsupported. Typically this is around the 6-7month stage. It is also the perfect time to capture some images before your baby is moving around and wanting to explore their surroundings more.

Most babies at this stage are really starting to develop and show off their personalities. They also haven’t yet become shy around people they don’t know. This means we can capture a large variety of wonderful expressions – from big gummy smiles to long, serious stares.

By waiting until your baby is able to sit up unaided you are guaranteed a lot more variety in the images. Before they are sitting up the number of poses we can do with them is very limited, so we highly recommend waiting that extra few weeks before coming in for this session.

The first birthday session

Our first-year photoshoots are always full of messy fun. By this stage, your baby has bucket loads of personality and is generally moving about quite so a bit, so these sessions can be quite chaotic which is one of the reasons I love them so much.

The photoshoot generally takes place around the 11-12 month mark, depending on whether you’d like to use the images for party invitations for their actual birthday party or not.

All of our first birthday sessions start with capturing some simple shots of the baby by themselves. We then move onto a cake smash where we document your baby enjoying his / her birthday cake with messy, good fun, giving you memories that will last a lifetime, and finish the whole thing off with a super cute bubble bath.

The best part about these sessions for our parents is that all the mess stays at the studio and you get to take home some fun memories and a clean baby, while I get to deal with the clean-up of the room.

This is often one of the first times babies are given something sweet, and putting your hands into something squishy can be quite intimidating for the little ones. No matter whether your baby digs right in, or takes their time and would rather smash it with a wooden spoon we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves and patience to ensure we get some awesome photos.

For all of our club members, we provide a simple vanilla cake and decorations for this session included in the club membership fee – provided of course that baby has no known allergies. So we really do take care of it all for you. If you are wanting a specific theme for their birthday we are often happy to work with you and tailor this session to the theme as well.

Prints and products can be purchased from each session if you wish to. As a grow with me club member you are also eligible for complimentary year-end incentive gifts, special grow with me only products and friends for life discount pricing on all future sessions.

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