Albums – the perfect way to tell your family story

Today I’m spotlighting one of my favourite products – the humble photo album. I’m sure we all have fond memories of sitting down with our parents and grandparents and scrolling through the albums that tell the stories of our lives – and if you don’t have those memories I feel sorry for you. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting curled up on the couch with the ones you love and looking back at times gone by – reminiscing about all the fun times you’ve shared and looking back at the horrible things your parents dressed you in.

A beautiful life is a collection

of unforgettable moments

Albums are my favourite way to display newborn photos, and they become the perfect heirloom to pass down. As much as a photo on the wall is fantastic, I can guarantee when your little one becomes an adult the last thing they will want is a great big canvas of them as a naked baby – but I can guarantee they will happily keep their baby album and show it to their own kids and grandkids – and this is the number one reason I love them so much.

We have a range of albums to suit all budgets and sizes. We also offer a series of albums as part of our grow with me club so you can capture babies entire first year and guarantee you will have those treasured memories to look back on in years to come. With all of our album orders, you also get the matching digital files of every image included in the book, so these become a very cost-effective way to not only tell your story but also get a large number of the images from your session.

Your album can also contain a large amount of personalisation – from the cover we use, the box it comes displayed in, to the details we include inside – think birth details, babies little hand or footprints, even a poem or message you’ve written to your child. The options really are endless and make these books even more special.

If you’re thinking of ways to display your photos from your session, I definitely encourage you to look at getting an album or book printed.

Check out one of our albums below to see it from start to finish.

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