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We want to provide you with an experience that is relaxed and fun. When you book with us we promise to walk you through the whole experience from start to finish. We want your photos to be unique and to tell your story, not be the same as everyone else. 

From helping you with what to wear to designing the perfect piece of artwork to display in your home and enjoy for years to come,  you can rest assured that we will take care of you and all of the details along the way. 

Our goal is to provide you with

an extraordinary, relaxed and fun experience all while creating beautiful, timeless artworks for you to enjoy every day in your home

Why choose us?

We're not your ordinary photographers. Gone are the days of having to work it all out yourself, to be sent a USB of photos that just sits in the drawer gathering dust - just another job on your to-do list to sort out.

Instead we are here to help you through the entire process - to get to know your family, so that we create images that reflect who you are. We want you to have a wonderful, easy, and memorable experience with us where you have fun and enjoy yourself. We want your kids, grandkids and even great-grandkids to be able to look back on these photos in years to come and remember all the quirks that make you, you.

Here's some of the other reasons why you'll love your experience with us:

The experience

As I mentioned earlier we're not your average photographers. There are 4 steps to working with us which I've outlined below.

Every session with us starts with a consultation. Either over the phone, or we can catch-up over zoom. From what to wear, to where you'd like to display your images in your home, location planning, to your wants and wishes from the session, the pre-consultation answers ALL your questions, and allows us to get to know your family. We want your images to be unique, so we’ll personalise your session just for you.

the planning session


The photoshoot

Now for the fun part, the actual photoshoot. Photoshoots with us are full of fun, laughter and cuddles. Maternity and family sessions can take place at any location you like within the wider Auckland or North Waikato area, while our newborn sessions can take place in either our studio or at your home. No matter where we do the photos, its time for you to relax, sit back and let us work our magic.

the photoshoot


The ordering appointment

A couple of weeks after your session we will catch up to show you your images. We’ll help you sort through the images and make final decisions on what will look best with your home. Be it a single piece of art, a group of photos to display on your wall, or a stunning album, we'll make sure you get the perfect piece for you. We'll show you your images at their actual size so you'll be able to see exactly what it looks like before you buy. This is where you will order your images so we will ensure we schedule this appointment at a time when all the decision makers can be there. 

the ordering appointment


The delivery

A few weeks later, your images will be ready for you to pick up at the studio. Once those portraits are on your walls, you can sit back and enjoy them EVERY DAY. For these are your precious kids —the ones who are growing too fast and who you will cherish to the end of your days. It doesn't stop there, all of our newborn clients are invited to join our grow with me club where we will capture your babies first year when they are changing the most. As part of our club you will receive exclusive products and client for life discounts on any future sessions with us.

the delivery


Back to the process

The process


product design

We will work closely with you to create artwork for your home that blends effortlessly with your style and decor.

We've invested in software that allows us to show you your images at the exact size on the walls of your home before you even buy, so you can guarantee they'll be the perfect fit for your space.

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